“All in One IT Services” for you. Just $28 per hour.

Logicton.com – We provide “All in One IT Services” for you. Just $28 per hour. <3

No more headache on the following from your freelancers / developers.

– they don’t get your work done
– they have slow response
– they don’t have time for your work
– hard for you to see daily progress
– they have unprofessional quality
– they have no daily report

We can help you solve above problems. We will make sure our quality is always good and make you happy. We will bring you the best of our following services:

1. Graphic / Banner / Logo / Printing
2. Make iOS / Android Mobile app
3. Make / Redesign Website
4. Responsive & HTML & CSS
5. Animation / Presentation
6. .NET C# / PHP / Angular / Laravel / Python / Frontend / Backend Programmers
7. Graphic Designer

No matter where you are in this world. We can work online together from anywhere. We speak English.

We work online Full-Time for 9 hours(9 AM. – 6 PM. UTC+7 Bangkok timezone) per day from Monday – Friday.

Email : contact@logicton.com
Mobile : +66999307772