A Small Party Before Songkran Festival

A partnership is an arrangement where parties, known as partners, agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests.

With hundreds of medications in the market, Pharm Ltd. needed a proper method to predict and manage their inventory. Using a mean absolute percentage analysis (MAPE), the teams defined appropriate levels for raw materials and finished products by mapping.


Farewell Lunch For Our Staff

There are some of our staff worked with us along the time with company, right now it’s time for them to growth up in the challenge job they loved. So, Actually our company have a farewell with a meal for everyone here. Let’s see our gallery below.  


ReanRu a learning application on mobile

This ReanRu app will be new world number #1 educational app which contains many FREE and PAID useful educational and fun online courses. This ReanRu app contains all useful courses for everyone. Contents are for toddlers, babies, teens, dad/mom, middle aged, and older ages. We keep adding following contents/courses for you, your kids, and your […]